Wednesday, 26 August 2009

frutas y verduras:

Helping out a friend, we agreed to look after a little local cafe, Frutas y Verduras, for a few days. It's part of a hostel on the main street of La Punta. Tomo, the guy who owns the hostel, loves animals so much he can't help but collect them.

We met Lola the pig, we'd seen her a few times on the beach going for walks with Tomo's many dogs:

Normally she's in her pen with all the ducks and rabbits, she needs to be reminded every now and then that the small rabbits are not there for her to eat!:

We also met Maria the parrot, she usually spoke to us from her cage next to the cafe, but she'd venture out at other times to find a more interesting perch:

The cats had to be kept an eye on too, this one had just been caught out trying to get into Maria's cage:

We served crepes, juices and milkshakes and the very popular cafe mezcal (coffee mezcal with ice and milk... mmm). It was good fun learning how to use a crepe hot plate, and testing the results!

It was a pretty chilled few days:

This was our view... not a bad days work really:

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