Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Snake Man

We took a trip to a nearby laguna with Magarito or Snake Man as he likes to call himself! The day started with a stop at his house to see his collection of animal bones and snake skins. He then took us out on his canoe through the mangroves where he spotted snakes, giant and baby iguanas, crabs and beehives and birds nests that seemed almost impossible to find to us even when pointed out and right above our heads. We rowed for a good while, it was calming even when Ed was holding the snake Margarito had coaxed off it’s branch. We were assured this snake wasn’t poisonous and the fact that it had bitten Snake Man and drawn blood was just because we’d disturbed it, it was pretty chilled by the time Ed was sat holding it for a good half hour.

I can’t say I felt calm when I was holding it though, the little wriggly thing was strong and well it could draw blood if it wanted!

Margarito’s dream is to live on the laguna, he already sleeps there sometimes in his hammock hanging from the trees. Having had an eventful, traumatic and pretty hedonistic life he now appreciates fully the tranquillity of the lake, in his 50s he’s super fit, drinking 9 litres of water a day and not eating meat. This is how he makes a living, taking people out on his boat, teaching them about the nature of the lake, it’s crazy trees, plants and creatures.

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