Friday, 30 January 2009

Clases de ingles

Flyered along Zicatela and Adoquin this afternoon and dropped some into the infamous Gina at her tourist info hut, she’ll send us some ‘victims’. Picked up an English text book from the 1970’s… when David Clarke met Linda … at the office party and a half a pint of bitter was 15p.

Spanish lesson numero dos with Karla this morning, fun with silly phrases that involve parts of the body for 1¾ hours and then an intense but very brief introduction to the most important, and coincidently the most complex verb in Spanish (haber) that’ll be for homework then!
Met her novio who arrived this morning as a sopresa from D.F. Chevy Chase (Omar) clearly makes a lot of money being a dentist, he fully supports Karla’s ventures of the café come language school and reckons we should open up a place together in el centro… we like this idea, he seems pretty savvy and a good person to know.

On returning to Parrilla D’Kay in the afternoon to wait for our piseron to arrive, we meet a couple of the regulars; landscape gardener from Ohio on his annual ‘time out’; likes to pen and ink portraits in the airport; was sure Obama wouldn’t make it in as he has many right wing amigos at home, and so, is relieved he did. Lived-in looking Italian from near Milano, arrives on his scooter for a sup of Victoria and a good helping of Chevy’s queso, specially brought down from D.F. this is good cheese and our Italian friend appreciates it, a lot!
- An odd international encounter lubricated with a good flow of huevos de torros!: Ed and I muddling through with our Spanish trying to make it here in this little café as English teachers, Chevy the dentist from D.F who brings good cheese and pastel de chocolate to the table, a quietly proud American keen to tell tales of friends’ encounters with sharks on Puerto’s shores, and who clearly wishes he drew more, and our Italian compadre who likes to dip into this gathering if only to sneak a good helping of this stinky goats cheese, a snifter of what he may be missing at home, then Karla reappears from frequent phone calls and takes the quince pesos per cerveza, gives us a genuine friendly smile and adds a little extra Spanish lesson to boot; ‘esta pellos’ Vs ‘que pellos’ note the important difference, respectively; ‘that’s cool’ and ‘check those pubes’, VERY important!

No maderadora arrives with the goods, so we visit the workshop and catch a sneaky glimpse of our bespoke and personally commissioned piseron! Beautiful little chalk shelf that we’d only wished we’d asked for! Can’t wait to use her. ‘A las cinco, mas o menos’ has turned into manana, of course. So tomorrow it is.