Thursday, 26 March 2009

(organised) chaos!

Well we're coming to the end of our first leg in Mexico, and it feels like yesterday when we nervously got on that plane in Heathrow last November.

This week has been fun, as the final English classes are going by we've been having fun with lots of 'review' games, an excuse to play around with some (organised) chaos. The final ninos class resulted in 12 children (and Ed) hopping around on one leg with hands on their heads shouting 'dice 'd' por favor, por favor!!!' 'say 'd' please, please!!' because if I called their fourth and final letter it would be their turn to crawl through the giant rainbow tunnel!! When we planned the game we imagined some giggles or maybe even a complete flop... we never imagined the hysteria and excitement that we ended up with! Brilliant! Video posted here, pretty poor quality but you'll get the gist.

Happy Snake

A lot of the fun with teaching the children comes during planning... The Happy Snake Game became a bit of an obsessive art project for us both... a giant dice made from an old box brought back from a trip to SuperChe, and a bright assortment of drawings around a simple board game route, it became a competition to fill your space with the most colour. This was the result... look at that happy face!

Luckily the ninos enjoyed the game too and it's become a favourite!

Good fringe

Met this goat on the walk to school last week. I just loved her style, she was happy to pose as you can see.


(under water Yahtzee of course)
with a pack of cards, four dice and just one game we can remember collectively, it was time to buy an extra dice and download the Yahtzee scorecard! I thought we'd be laughed out of Puerto by our neighbouring travellers, (all a bit younger and cooler than us!) but the idea was embraced! It seems Yahtzee is known worldwide! The a poolside game quickly turned into full on Wahtzee. Here are all the essentials for a good game...