Wednesday, 26 August 2009

oaxaca city:

We popped to the city for a weekend to soak up some activity. Lots of art to see for free, plenty fiestas in the streets and generally some amusing 'everyday' things to see.

stamp collection!!!
sounds dull, but there were some amazing old versions with very symbolic illustrations. I liked this one in particular from 1937.


one of the daily street parades, with full brass band, crowds in tradional dress. We were given flags to wave and the children were given sweets.


seed pods at el arbol del tule.

street arrrrrt:

paper mache artist:

prepares the 9 foot manequins for the street parade later that day. Giant traditional dresses are sewn too. His workshop was full of giant shoes and armless hands.

big eyes:

multi-coloured chicks:

The seven year old girl selling them had no idea how they became so colourful!


The tequila plant. Really strange things, so solid and a bit creepy.

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pag said...

can't wait to see the city and it's surrounds for ourselves!!