Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Back in Puerto and it’s super hot! Just sitting typing is harrrd work! We’ve come back to rainy season though, so we do actually get some weather. Most evenings have cleared the sky with heavy downpours for maybe half an hour and you get a good breeze with it. But our first experience of the rainy season was a full on tropical storm. It was a relief to feel almost cold and good fun to get soaked through and drinking hot coffee and brandy, a good old English winter warmer not really necessary but tasted good all the same. I hadn’t heard thunder quite like it… each crack followed by an involuntary squeal! And the sky was like a plasma ball, pink, blue and white veins of lightning all around us! Amazing. This first storm lasted all afternoon and night and the landscape changed with it, especially the beach. Puerto is on a hill like most beach towns, and most the roads leading down to the sea are dust tracks. The rain flushed everything from the town and the various housing areas onto the beach and into the sea, the beach then had changed into great canyons where rivers had been created toward the sea. So for the last week the beach has offered some odd drift… dolls heads, bike wheels and a lot of mud. This was a particularly bad storm, and the cleanup of the beach is slowly showing. The best thing about all the rain is how fresh everything looks. Before Easter it was hot and dusty and everything had a bit of a sandy, dried out look. But now the mountains are green, we can see more of them as the sky is clearer and the trees are full of amazing colours.

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